Monthly data – Canadian retail sales

Every month, our economists issue an overview of the key data from Canadian retail sales.

Latest Canadian retail sales data – February 2023 

While retail sales in Canada reached $66.3 billion, down 0.2% from January 2023, Quebec made gains (+0.9%) during the month.

Gasoline stations and fuel retailers recorded the largest decline in the country (-5.0%). The 1.0% depreciation in gasoline prices over the same period contributed to this and was mainly due to the accumulation of crude oil inventories in the United States.


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Latest Canadian retail sales data – September 2022

Canadian quarterly retail sales fall for the first time since their pandemic low. In September, the appreciation of global crude oil supply and lower prices at the pump contributed significantly to the 0.5% decline in the country for the month. Among the seven provinces that recorded a decline, Quebec had the largest one in absolute value when compared to August. A reduction in the value of its sales of $178 million takes it away from its historical peak in May 2022.

For October, Statistics Canada anticipates a strong increase in retail sales (+ 1.5%). This is a surprising increase given the Bank of Canada’s efforts in recent months to reduce inflation.


Please note this publication is only issued in French.