Monthly data – Labour force survey

Every month, our economists issue an overview of the key data from the Labour force survey.

Latest Labour Force survey data – April 2023

Jobs created in the services sector (+7,200 positions), mainly in the information, culture and recreation industry (+8.8%) contributed to the increase in the job market in April (+10,500 positions). This increase is mainly due to the resumption of film and television shoots for the summer season.

Young people aged 15 to 24, who are returning to work with the end of school, contributed to the increase in jobs (+7,900 positions). The unemployment rate falls slightly (-0.1 p.p.) to 4.1%.

Below, our team of economists provides an overview of key data for the month of April 2023.

Please note this publication is only issued in French.

Lastest Labour force survey data – February 2023

Employment is down (-15,500 jobs) for the first time in seven months in Quebec, due to the service sector. Wage growth (+6.5%) and hours worked (-1.9% compared to January 2023) are also declining.

This decline in employment in Quebec has pushed the unemployment rate up to 4.1% (+0.2 p.p.), except for the Quebec City CMA (1.9%), which has seen its unemployment rate fall (-0.5 p.p.) to a historic low.

Please note this publication is only issued in French.