Industry profiles and market research

Our sector profiles allow for gaining an in-depth understanding of an industry or economic sector in terms of its size, recent development, ecosystem, value chain, interrelationships, and key challenges. Market research adds a forward-looking dimension by using modelling techniques and makes it possible to anticipate market developments with a view to positioning.

Know, understand, and anticipate

Our sector profile and market research offerings will allow you to:

  • Have access to a quantitative and qualitative view of your industry or economic sector;
  • Obtain a detailed analysis of specific components, such as value chain or interrelationships;
  • Benefit from an analysis that identifies and prioritizes the main issues;
  • Learn how the market will develop in the future using advanced, proven modelling techniques.

The proven approach developed by Aviseo Consulting is based on:

  • Analysis of the current state of affairs using data from primary and secondary sources and tailored surveys and interviews;
  • The construction of a quantitative model aimed at projecting the future situation based on available information;
  • A study of regulatory, political, demographic, economic, social, technological, and environmental trends that may infer the future trajectory of the market;
  • Model calibration based on observed trends;
  • The preparation of findings and recommendations to capitalize on opportunities and avoid pitfalls.

Aviseo Consulting has developed highly specific expertise in labour force studies, which include a profile of the labour force and its position in the labour market, as well as forecasts of future developments. Such studies allow for:

  • Understanding challenges and opportunities for workers, employers, and educational institutions;
  • Conducting a forward-looking analysis of skills-related changes to anticipate;
  • Identifying and quantifying gaps between current and future needs and offerings;
  • Identifying actions to take to close gaps and take advantage of opportunities.

Labour force studies are an essential tool in an environment marked by labour scarcity, which is bound to continue.