Expert opinions and witnesses

Aviseo Consulting’s expertise, credibility, and objectivity are used to support your argument during public consultations and negotiations. Its experts can also serve as expert witnesses before the courts. Offerings are based on Aviseo’s independence and mastery of a rigorous analytical framework that allows you to properly flesh out the economic and financial arguments necessary to achieve your goals.

Consolidate all of your expertise needs

Our offerings related to expert opinions and expert testimony will allow you to:

  • Deepen your knowledge about a specific, critical topic related to economics or finance;
  • Develop economic arguments that support your theory using quantitative and qualitative analyses;
  • Stimulate reflection in the context of public consultations;
  • Submit detailed briefs to political authorities;
  • Benefit from an expert to assist you in your representations with other parties or in court proceedings.

In such a role, Aviseo uses a structured and objective approach, which includes:

  • A review of past reflections and studies on the subject;
  • An independent and objective study using recognized and reliable quantitative methodologies;
  • Findings prepared based on facts and closely related to the particular issues of the policy, situation, or case;
  • Drafting a structured expert report;
  • An articulate, honest, and direct oral presentation of the analyses and findings on the appropriate platform.

Our expertise and personalized approach will allow you to strengthen your arguments and benefit from a 360-degree view.