Public policy analyses

Economics provides the best analytical framework to support the development of a public policy and assess its impacts. This framework makes it possible to anticipate and quantify the impacts of proposed public policy changes on individuals, businesses, or an entire industry. Public policy can therefore be adjusted to maximize its effectiveness.

Put into perspective to better evaluate

Aviseo Consulting’s public policy analysis offerings aim to:

  • Capture and quantify the full economic and financial implications of the policy analyzed from the perspective of the various economic agents;
  • Measure the efficiency and effectiveness of the policy with regard to its intended objectives;
  • Compare various scenarios and optimize the proposal.

To do so, Aviseo Consulting uses rigorous and proven methodology, which may include:

  • A comparative analysis and benchmarking of inspiring practices in Quebec and at the international level;
  • The development of a multi-criteria analysis grid in collaboration with the client;
  • A quantitative analysis of the impacts using calibrated and rigorous economic models, including a cost-benefit analysis;
  • A comparative analysis of several scenarios that allows for developing the optimal proposal.

The economic analysis of a public policy identifies and quantifies the full range of economic and financial impacts for all stakeholders using rigorous, objective methodology.

Aviseo Consulting’s expertise enables it to support you to:

  • Identify the best policy solution in line with objectives;
  • Support the economic and financial rationale for the recommendation;
  • Position the policy in relation to those adopted elsewhere in the world on the same topic.