Economic development strategies

Creating wealth in a thoughtful, sustainable way contributes to growth and quality of life. Aviseo has in-depth knowledge of the determinants of wealth creation. Combined with the development of a structured, personalized approach, this expertise enables Aviseo to come up with a vision of structuring economic development that will yield meaningful results.

Growing in the right direction

Our economic development offerings aim to:

  • Develop a fact base that will serve as a basis for reflection;
  • Bring together key stakeholders for in-depth reflection on the desired economic direction;
  • Carefully select the guidelines that will help bring about economic success;
  • Structure the implementation of the vision that has been set out.

The proven approach developed by Aviseo Consulting is based on:

  • Comprehensively analyzing the economy or industry and highlighting the forces present and the main issues;
  • Consulting with key stakeholders to reflect on objectives and develop guiding principles;
  • Identifying trends and analyzing their positioning based on the industry or the regional economy;
  • Developing a vision and strategic guidelines for development based on findings and determinants of wealth creation;
  • Prioritizing concrete actions that stem from each of the guidelines;
  • Designing an accountability framework to closely monitor the impact of implementation and make adjustments if necessary.

An economic development strategy is based primarily on clear guidelines and a vision that we will help you define.

Aviseo Consulting’s experience has enabled us to develop an economic development model that covers various aspects:

  • Innovation and entrepreneurship are the determinants of a strong economy in the long term;
  • Human capital fuels growth and increases productivity;
  • Concentration of activities and specialization drive innovation and productivity and lead to higher value-added products and services;
  • Public infrastructure is the backbone of the economy and is essential for growth.