Economic impact studies

Our economic impact studies are based on rigorous methodology that has been refined through numerous studies conducted for a wide range of organizations in a variety of industries. Our custom-calibrated economic models will allow you to accurately measure the precise contribution of your initiatives, investments, policies, or regulations to the economy of your industry and to promote them to the public or policy-makers.

Optimize your initiatives by asserting the value of their impacts

Economic impact studies measure the change in the economy that results from implementing a project, investment, or public policy, regardless of its nature. Economic spinoffs will measure direct and indirect economic effects in terms of gross domestic product, jobs, and tax revenues for governments. Aviseo can also measure the structural impact on the economy, such as the impact on productivity, or the trade balance, and document more strategic aspects that are harder to measure but nevertheless important.

Knowing your economic impact allows you to:

  • Raise public awareness about the importance of your industry or organization in your region, Quebec, or Canada;
  • Seek public support for a project, investment, regulation, or policy;
  • Develop the economic case for being awarded a subsidy or government loan;
  • Assess the economic logic behind your project, regulation, or other initiative.

Aviseo Consulting’s team of economists has developed a tailored approach that allows for quantifying the economic spinoffs according to parameters specific to your situation. Our analyses are adapted to the context of your initiative.

“Our impact studies are tailored, and our modelling estimates spinoffs in a dynamic way that incorporates all of the positive impacts of your investments on the economy”.

– Jean-Pierre Lessard