Strategic alignment

Whether it is to rally your stakeholders around your dedication to change or to rally your teams around a shared ambition, organizational alignment is essential for success when carrying out a strategic plan or making major changes. This aligns your teams, processes, ways of doing things,  and operational goals with your strategic plan.

Rallying your stakeholders around a shared ambition

With your executive committee, you will determine what change means for your organization, how it is relevant, and how much of it needs to occur. This will lead to a shared understanding of the vision and road map while creating meaning for your teams and external stakeholders.

Aviseo has developed a collaborative, engaging approach that can be adapted to your situation and needs:

  • Measuring the gap between the current organizational model and that required to deliver the strategic plan;
  • Measuring buy-in and alignment of teams, processes, and goals with strategy;
  • Defining, in an agreed-upon manner, the target and a shared plan for the desired changes, and identifying conditions for success and potential risks;
  • Formalizing an integrated, prioritized road map that includes the initiatives to be implemented;
  • Identifying governance mechanisms to manage execution, change “ambassadors”, and drivers of engagement.

Organizational alignment allows you to collectively guide your stakeholders toward a common destination.

A number of set views have emerged over the course of our organizational alignment projects and guide our approach:

  • Create meaning with regard to the plan for the desired changes to increase stakeholder engagement and commitment;
  • Develop inspiring community leadership that facilitates collaboration, shared responsibility, and goal achievement in relation to the desired changes;
  • Ensure that there is suitable, continual communication that puts pressure on the organization with regard to its development.