Organizational transformation

Organizations constantly have to deal with complex and rapidly changing human, business, and technology environments. Change management has therefore naturally shifted toward transformation management, which aims to manage various changes in an integrated manner and limit resistance by aligning transformation and business strategy.

Prepare and manage your response to uncertainty

In a profoundly and constantly changing environment, organizations must equip themselves to deal with a number of uncertainties that are critical to their sustainability and business continuity. Transformation management thus plays a key role in ensuring integrated streamlining of future changes to bolster efforts to provide support and increase stakeholder buy-in.

Aviseo has developed a transformation management approach that makes it possible to quickly achieve expected results:

  • Rally around a shared vision of transformation;
  • Turn transformation objectives into a concrete, practical road map;
  • Define the mechanisms (governance, structure, indicators) that support the integrated management of the transformation and associated efforts;
  • Manage changes in an integrated, coordinated manner to facilitate stakeholder buy-in and engagement.

Based on our experience in this area, we have identified several winning conditions that support effective transformation management:

  • Collectively agree on the ambition and vision of the transformation to facilitate buy-in across the organization and among its external stakeholders (customers, suppliers, partners, etc.);
  • Concretely define the intended business benefits (operational, financial, etc.);
  • Develop an integrated road map that is updated frequently and is based on target and achieved business profits;
  • Define the mechanisms for navigating and monitoring the execution of the road map (governance, structure, trend chart, indicators).

As Seneca said, “People are not afraid of change, they are afraid of the idea of change.” In this context, transformation management must enable all stakeholders to embrace a shared vision of change and enable the organization to implement what is needed to achieve this vision.