A board of directors with a strong governance is the cornerstone of sustainable value creation. Governance consulting services optimize the effectiveness of your decision-making processes and align the allocation of capabilities, duties, and functions within your corporate governing bodies. It helps you monitor the risks facing your organization and helps align higher management with the performance objectives set by your board. Your organization will therefore grow sustainably and be able to position itself as a leader in the adoption of good ESG practices.

Make decisions that sustainably create value

Governance consulting services analyze your organization’s decision-making structure, the composition of its bodies, and its environmental risks to identify possible improvements. It enables the construction of resilient decision-making bodies capable of aligning the goals and values of your organization with its performance imperatives. It targets establishing a robust, sustainable, and tailored governance so that you can nimbly navigate an ever-changing environment.

Aviseo has a collaborative approach to developing governance solutions tailored to the needs and challenges that your organization may face:

  • Board governance, structure, and decision-making process audit
  • Senior management performance and transparency assessment
  • Board regulations, policies, and ethical standards review
  • ESG framework and objectives development in collaboration with the board
  • Mediation and interim management in conflict or supervision instances
  • Board composition analysis and design of succession plans
  • Dashboards, training, and board effectiveness support

The belief that optimal governance leads to the best possible decisions transcends Aviseo’s approach in its search of the best solutions for your organization:

  • Approach based on an in-depth diagnosis highlighting the governance issues currently experienced by your organization
  • Endorsement of solutions proposed by the board, higher management, and the organization ensured through engaging all relevant stakeholders
  • Adaptation to the size, regulatory context, transparency imperatives, and stakeholder requirements that shape your reality
  • Easy-to-implement concrete solutions developed within your decision-making bodies

Corporate governance is the cornerstone of a robust and sustainable growth.