Economic impact of relocating Quebec City public sector employees

The Quebec Chamber of Commerce and Industry retained the services of Aviseo in the examination of the Quebec Government Regionalization plan to relocate 5,000 public sector employees from Quebec City into other Quebec regions by 2028.

The study, produced by Andrée-Ann Gosselin and Jean-Pierre Lessard, found that over 7,000 jobs in the Capitale-Nationale region would be affected by the relocation and that the economic impacts would exceed $526M.

Key figures:

  • Ultimately, more than 3,600 Quebec public sector jobs are at risk;
  • The ripple effects of this level of job loss would result in an additional +2,000 jobs at risk;
  • A total of $327M in public employee payroll would be lost for the Quebec government and its partners;
  • For the Greater Quebec City Area, $156M in reduced consumer spending and 1,435 jobs FTE (Full Time Equivalent) would be forfeit between now and 2028;
  • Aviseo estimates a drop of $38.6M in food spending in the region with $9.5M of this coming from reduced spending in restaurants;
  • A new vacancy of nearly 400,000 ft2 of office space on the market would increase inoccupancy rates in sectors where rates are already high.
Please note this publication is only issued in French.